The YMCA is concerned with the safety and welfare of all youth members and wants to provide a positive experience for them with each visit to our facility. Therefore, we are asking for your parental support in following these guidelines:

  • Youth must show membership ID to the front desk upon entrance to the building.
  • Youth 12 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult (Adult 18 over) at all times unless enrolled in a program.
  • Youth 6-12 using the YMCA facilites weekdays should be here to attend a scheduled class. Youth should arrive no less than 15 minutes prior to a scheduled program and should be picked up immediately after class.
  • Youth must be over 14 years old to use the Wellness Center. It is strongly recommended that youth meet with a strength trainer before attempting to use strenght-training equipment.
  • For the safety of youth under age 14, parents are not permitted to bring their children into the Wellness Center, weight room or fitness centers.
  • Youth must be over 14 years old to use raquetball courts without parental supervision. Proper eyewear and shoes must be worn. No black soled sneakers.
  • Youth must be 16 years old to use the free weight room and it is strongly recommended that they meet with a strength trainer to be set up on a safe and effective program.
  • An adult must accompany youth under the age of 12 years old during all family and recreational swim and gym times.
  • Youth over age 12 must be participating in a scheduled activity (gym time, recreational time, fitness trainig, etc.) or enrolled in a program to be in the facility.
  • Youth under age 18 are not permitted to bring guest without adult supervision.