Kids Kare…our school-age program

The Bethlehem YMCA has been providing before and after school care for Bethlehem school children for more than 14 years. We offer a safe, quality care for children in first grade through age 13. We provide year-around care, transporting to limited Bethlehem schools and offer full summer care. Children will have many opportunities to engage in activities that will strengthen them socially, emotionally, mentally and physically under the care of certified and caring teachers.

The year-round program divides children into groups- younger school-age, grades 1, 2 and 3, and older school-age, grades 4 through 6. The program provides lots of variety, supporting the child’s experience from home, school and the Y. The planned activities include gym activities, swimming, and with an emphasis on opportunities for social and emotional activities to build lasting friendships.