YMCA preschool care builds on children’s natural desire to learn new things and become more self-reliant. Getting along with other children, sharing, taking turns and working in a group are a natural part of playing games or learning a new skill. Children will have the opportunity to engage in activities which will develop them socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. The program includes language arts, math and science, music and visual arts, physical activities and character development. Progressive swim lessons are offered to our pre-school and pre-k children ages three to five at no additional cost, thanks to a grant from the United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley.

Lesson plans follow the Pennsylvania Learning Standards with the goal that each of our children will be ready for kindergarten.

Enrollment in the Pre-School, Pre-K and Kindergarten Readiness rooms includes parents providing the following:

   A complete change of clothing, seasonally appropriate, in your child’s cubby.
   A swim suit and towel for swimming for Pre-School and Pre-K
   Favorite blanket for nap time
   Yearly physical showing that child is current with immunizations