Caring for our youngest children is one of our biggest responsibilities. We recognize the importance of the early years and how the skills gained during that period of life affect each child’s future. Learning is designed to be hands-on and fun, assuring that each day is an adventure. The children, through individualized nurturing in a group setting, explore safe environments filled with books, toys, instruments and art projects. Teachers with background and experience in Early Childhood Education provide enriching activities that enhance their social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. Learning is based upon the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards with teachers and parents guiding the growth and development.

Enrollment in the Infant and Toddler Rooms includes parents providing the following items:
    Formula, if using other than Similac
    Baby foods and snacks
    Toddlers: Meals and snack are provided.
    Diapers, wipes, a complete change of clothing, seasonally appropriate
    Favorite blanket
    Yearly physical showing that child is current with immunizations

Broad Street Center
430 E. Broad Street

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